Info on PPE and how to wear our clear window mask

PPE Quality Assured

Our clear window PPE face mask is made of the highest quality materials available to us, and our workers care about your health just as much as their own. Before assembly, all raw materials used in the construction of our masks are subjected to strict inspection. Both the mask and clear window material must pass their respective 5 point tests to move into production. These tests ensure we have consistent control over our product, and that our materials meet industry standards designed to keep you safe. Our clear window masks are ready to compete with any mask provider on the grounds of reliability and availability.

What is PPE?

Personal protective equipment (or PPE for short) is often used to describe clothing or other wearable gear that is designed to protect the wearer from injury or exposure to potentially harmful conditions.

How to Wear Our PPE

face mask

Colored side of mask faces away from user. Hang loops around ears.

Cover mouth and nose fully by stretching mask downward. Be careful not to rip mask along window seal.

Press the metallic strip to fit the shape of nose. Mask should fit snugly, fully covering nose, mouth and chin.

If mask is contaminated, damaged or damp, discard immediately and replace with new mask.

Instructions for Use

  1. Mask is designed to be disposable. It is recommended to replace after 4 hours of use.
  2. Use within 12 months of opening package.
  3. Not intended for use with the following:
    • Children under the age of 2
    • Anyone who has trouble breathing or suffers from respiratory issues
    • Anyone who is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove mask without assistance
  4. Do not use if mask or packaging is damaged.